Pepe Oltra: 21 kilometers in 2h38m | Photo: Jorge Góis

Pepe Oltra has conquered the São Jorge 2 Pico, in the Azores Islands, Portugal.

The first ever oceanic stand up paddle (SUP) marathon held in Europe gathered twelve athletes. Eleven were able to conclude the 21-kilometer (13 miles) challenge in Atlantic waters.

The conditions were perfect. Light southeast winds and a southern one-meter swell helped paddlers link São Jorge and Pico. Marta Salaberri, the only woman in the contest, finished the crossing in sixth place.

Pepe Oltra completed the São Jorge 2 Pico SUP race in two hours and thirty-eight minutes. The Spanish used an inflatable SUP board and left Neil Vasa and Oscar Cardoso in the remaining podium places.

"It was an incredible competition, especially for the scenery. It's not every day that you paddle in the Atlantic between dolphins, and with an amazing climate and environment," says Oltra.

São Jorge 2 Pico Results

1. Pepe Oltra (2h38m)
2. Neil Vasa (2h50m)
3. Oscar Cardoso (2h59)
4. Luis Melo (3h05m)
5. Rui Calado (3h13m)

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