Elishama Beckford: double victory at the 2014 Makka Pro | Photo: Sean Murray Photography

Elishama Beckford has stormed the 2014 Makka Pro, in Yallahs, Jamaica, by winning the Open and Junior trophies in front of hundreds of surfing enthusiasts.

With a low pressure in the central Caribbean pumping five-to-eight foot waves over Jamaica's southeast coast, Makka Beach had it all.

In the Junior final, Elishama, Nick Pryce, Ivah Wilmot, and Ronald Hastings had 30 minutes to show off. A total of 34 waves were surfed, with multiple exciting exchanges. Beckford would prevail, with Nick in second, Ivah in third, and Ronald in fourth.

In the Women's division, American surfers Zoe Bonnick and Eden Lang had a tough task ahead - they had to beat defending Makka Pro champion Elim Beckford, Elishama's sister. The surfer girls caught 16 waves, but it was Zoe who won the event, ahead of Eden and Elim.

In the grand Open final, national star Icah Wilmot had an in-form Elishama Beckford on his side for a dramatic final. With a few minutes to go, Elishama latched onto a beautiful set wave and ripped it to the beach for a critical seven-point ride.

Icah's overall score was insufficient and, despite hunting a 6.10 to regain the lead and repeat his 2013 victory, the golden wave didn't come.

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