2014 Red Bull Qiantang Surfing Shoot Out: sunny day, white sandy beach

Jamie O'Brien's Team Honolulu has been crowned the 2014 Red Bull Qiantang Surfing Shoot Out champions, in China.

It's one of the most extraordinary river waves in the wave. The Qiantang tidal bore tested some of the world's most talented surfers.

Jamie Sterling and Jamie O'Brien - raising the Hawaiian flag in China - were able to ride a 9.5 wave to steal the title from the hands of Dean Morrison and Mikala Jones, representing Team Gold Coast in the finals.

The third place of the 2014 Red Bull Qiantang Surfing Shoot Out was awarded to Team Hangzhou (Phil "Macca" MacDonald and Toumei), and Team Huntington Beach (Ryan Turner and Tosh Townend) kept fourth.

The "Wave of the Shootout" was shared by MacDonald and O'Brien. Team Honolulu won $10,000; TZ became the first Chinese surfer to ride the "Silver Dragon" river wave.

2014 Red Bull Qiantang Surfing Shoot Out | Final Results

1. Team Honolulu - Jamie O'Brien and Jamie Sterling
2. Team Gold Coast - Dean Morrison and Mikala Jones
3. Team Hangzhou - Toumei and Phil MacDonald
4. Team Huntington Beach - Ryan Turner and Tosh Townend

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