Papoa: big wave surfing in Peniche | Photo: Carlos Tiago

A group of professional surfers has returned to Papoa, the big wave surf spot located in Peniche, Portugal. The waves were pumping in the 15-18 foot range, with wind gusts of up to 30 knots.

The swell forecast said it all, and word spread quickly. Papoa was about to deliver giant waves as the buoys indicated a powerful wave train heading towards Peniche. The show went on for two days.

Garrett McNamara, Kealii Mamala, Carlos Burle, Pedro Scooby, Peter Mel, John John Florence and Nic von Rup visited Supertubos' big wave brother, alongside hundreds of spectators and media professionals.

"It was definitely challenging. Wind was blowing directly up the face. It took us a while to figure out where to be, and what time to get out there. You always come out of the water full of adrenaline, so everybody had a good time," explained Peter Mel.

Amidst classic whitewater wipeouts and flawless rides, Papoa impressed everyone who had the privilege to enjoy it. John John Florence even compared it to Waimea.

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