Surfboards: there's always a shaper behind a brand | Photo: Roache/The Boardroom

There's no straight answer to the question of what surfboard companies are the best in the world. But there is a perfect surfboard for your surfing style and experience, and anticipating the needs of all types of surfer is precisely what a good shaper does.

Over 400,000 surfboards are bought worldwide each year. The biggest companies and shapers in the surfboard industry are located in the USA, Australia and Europe.

In 2008, local craftsmen shaped 26% of the surfboards sold in the USA. Polyurethane and expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) with epoxy formulas still rule the market, but eco-friendly core materials such as cork, fungi, and wood are gaining enthusiasts and a new generation of costumers.

There are thousands of surfboard brands and producers. The most experienced manufacturers are working in the shaping room for more than five decades. Today, and despite the computer-aided design (CAD) support, surfboard shapers are still making dreams come true with their bare hands.

Discover the largest surfboard brand directory, and explore the world's famous board manufacturers. Talk to your favorite craftsman, and build the surfboard of your dreams. Height, width, thickness, rails, stringer, tail and fin setup. He'll do it. You'll love it.

The World's Largest Surfboard Brands List:

If you ever encounter Brad Domke, Jamie O'Brien, and Poopies, you know you're going to have a good time. And if they're in the water, don't go anywhere. Just watch and enjoy.

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