Surfing Chefs: Tom Carroll is a good cooker | Photo: Jane Wishaw

The Surfing Chefs have raised more than $55,000 for SurfAid's mother and child health programs in Indonesia.

Tom Carroll, two-time world surfing champion, joined a group of elite celebrity Surfing Chefs to serve up an exquisite multi-course canapé menu sourced from local Perth produce.

The chefs were Russell and Sam Blaikie, Ben O'Donoghue, Aaron Carr, Dany Angove, Jake Drachenberg, Herb Faust, Adam Jennings and Meg Hatswell, Tony Howell and Matt Black, Paul Iskov, Eamon Sullivan and Scott Bridger and Dean Williams.

"It's always cool watching genius in action and there was plenty of it there on the night with all the chefs coming together," reveals Carroll.

"They were very jovial but at the same time there was competition, so they were showing what they had. For me doing just the rudimentary cutting, cleaning and prepping was a great opportunity to taste every dish - sometimes more than once! And now I know why all the guests were so stimulated."

The concept of Surfing Chefs was designed by Russell Blaikie in 2011. Since then, the events have raised more than $130,000 for SurfAid.

"TC's willingness to jump in, roll up the sleeves on his new chef's jacket and prep away with the team of chefs was the stuff of legend," said Blaikie.

"Tom was pretty savvy in the kitchen and could handle a razor sharp knife, but he still managed to cut himself, although he seemed to be wear the Band-Aid as a badge of honour, his rite of passage into a commercial kitchen complete!"

All chefs cooked ten amazing dishes for 220 people. Help saving lives. Support SurfAid.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) approved surfing's qualification system for the Tokyo 2020.

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