Jack Beresford: kneeboard master | Photo: Bobby Zee

Jack Beresford has done it again. The wave rider from San Diego has reconquered the 2014 Kneeboard Surfing USA Titles, at Huntington Beach, California.

Kneeboarding is still very popular; otherwise you wouldn't have 70 competitors battling for national trophies in three-foot waves at Surf City USA.

Beresford is one of the best kneeboarders of all time. He has claimed his fifth KSUSA title by defeating challengers Bill Lerner, Pat Evans, and Ed Quinn in the final heat.

"I won! The final was super close, but I got the nod against fellow Blacks local and my good friend Bill Lerner," expressed Jack.

Kathy Yturraldle retained her Women's division title. It's her fourth consecutive KSUSA title. Cynthia Wornham and Kiana Tennant finished runner-up and third.

In the Kneeboarding Team Challenge, Team NorCal defeated their southern California rivals to take the win and bragging rights.

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