Joana Andrade: no fear at Nazare

Nazare is Nazare, and when wintertime comes, the Portuguese wave is unbeatable. The 2014/2015 big wave surfing season has been officially opened in the Old Continent.

Humans love comparisons. Americans are often accused of setting standards and statements based on their own records and achievements; Europeans tend to believe in their inner superiority, inherited by history.

The truth is that big waves "grow" everywhere. And November is proving to be a great month for wave hunters setting camp at Praia do Norte, Nazare, Portugal. It's been big and powerful out the back.

Joana Andrade has already scored one of the biggest waves ever ridden by a Portuguese female surfer. The dauntless girl from Ericeira was towed into a formidable set wave.

"Another dream comes true, thanks to Garrett McNamara, Nicole, Hugo Vau, and all the staff of the Nazare North Canyon project for giving me the opportunity and the tranquility to catch these amazing waves," Andrade wrote.

The British fleet is also returning to Nazaré. Tom Butler and Andrew Cotton were the first to taste the exceptional of the giant offshore peaks pumping at Praia do Norte. It seems that the party has just begun.

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