Brad Domke: no fins, all teeth

Dylan Palmer and Damien Robertson have definitely filmed one of the best videos of the decade. Having the chance to capture pro skimboarder Brad Domke and Hawaiian tube master Jamie O'Brien sharing perfect, giant waves is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The board riders met in Mexico during one of the best swells of 2014. The footage speaks for itself. You'll watch as Domke and O'Brien naturally seem to give birth to the ultimate wave riding team.

Brad Domke is certainly the best wave skimboarder in world right now. Despite the finless disadvantage, the rider from Wabasso, Florida, is able to carve, cutback and spin in speedy triple overhead barrels.

Jamie O'Brien is the caveman. We all know him from the world's deepest pits. The duo worked together, towing each other into the Mexican bombs. As if it wasn't enough, Domke and O'Brien swapped boards. Jamie on a skimboard, Brad on a surfboard.

You know the rest of the story. The Americans put out an insane display of wave riding mastery; a lesson that should also be released in slow motion so that we learn how it should be done.

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