Groundswell: wave chart for December 10th, 2014, at 6pm

A powerful northwest groundswell will hit Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Norway between Wednesday and Thursday (December 10th-11th).

Waves reaching 50 feet, and winds gusts hitting 110 km/h are expected to surprise the western coastal regions of the British Islands and the Republic of Ireland. European big wave surfers are on high alert.

The eye of the storm, which reminds us of the Black Swell that stroke the Old Continent in the early days of 2014, is particularly wide. The wave height charts indicate a fetch larger than the size of the United Kingdom.

"It will be tempting on the west coast to go look at the waves breaking at the evening high tide but we would ask people to exercise extreme caution," underlines the Irish Coast Guard.

"Unpredictable onshore breakers and darkness are a dangerous combination if you get caught out." Authorities believe the XXL Atlantic swell will also bring snow and heavy rain.

Yellow warnings have already been raised. Check the wave and wind forecasts for Ireland, UK and France.

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