Pipeline: no good for the pros, splendid for free surfers

The Billabong Pipe Masters had been called off for the day. Fortunately for hundreds of free surfers, there were some of the best waves of the year pumping out there at Third Reef.

Too heavy, too big, and too dangerous. The ASP World Tour decided to protect the fleet of pro surfers and declared a lay day at the third jewel of the Triple Crown of Surfing.

But the jewel produced perfect surf, splendid barrels and high-quality rides. If you're crowning a world champion in the sport of surfing, you just can't miss these conditions.

It was uncontestable for the execs, but it was picture-perfect for Jamie O'Brien, John John Florence and friends. Pipeline hardly gets that good. The party was set up, and even bodyboarders got invited - Guilherme Tâmega and Andre Botha flew off the lips of the amazing waves for spectator thrill.

Is Pipe able to handle 15-foot sets? Absolutely. Have we all learned a lesson? Maybe. Now let's get the party restarted.

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