Austin Keen: triple board transfer

When in doubt, try it out. World skimboarding champion Austin Keen rode three boards in a single wave. Now, that's a triple transfer.

It was just another sunny day in San Diego. The small summer waves invited surfers to take their Malibus and longboards out the back. Nevertheless, one man thought different.

Skimboarding specialist Austin Keen decided to paddle out with three boards. He believed he could do better than the creative Hawaiian wave rider Jamie O'Brien. Instead of two, Keen wanted to ride three different boards.

"This was originally done as a challenge to win Tosh.0's Subaru. The idea was to post a video doing something Tosh.0 could not do. If you're unaware, Daniel Tosh often claims to be a surfer," explains Keen.

"I actually got the pleasure of confirming this one day in Malibu, and it turns out, he's got some talent on a longboard. Anyway, I didn't get the Subaru, but I may have broken a world record."

In the end, Austin Keen completes a three-board transfer with a stand up paddleboard, a surfboard and a skimboard. Great job, dude.

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