Basse-Pointe: Martinique's surfing capital | Photo: Jeremy Brasset

The town of Basse-Pointe, in the North East of Martinique, offers one of the longest waves of the Caribbean island.

The spot is not new to local and international surfers, but it has been hidden from the competitive circus until the World Surf League decided to add it to the Qualification Series calendar.

The Basse-Pointe break is exposed to the prevailing swell and delivers magnificent, powerful and especially long right-hand waves. Are 200-meter rides enough to suit your surf gourmet taste?

Wild and natural, the site surrounded by cliffs and rocks is very different from what you might expect to find in the French West Indies, but that is what gives it its special charm. Depending on the height of the swell and the light, you can enjoy all sorts of subtleties in an ever-changing atmosphere.

Basse-pointe is also one of the two places in Martinique (along with Grand-Rivière, the most northerly town on the island) where you can still find what the locals refer to as "bois flot", i.e., tree trunks that are hollowed out and used by fishermen to surf the waves, which just goes to show how far back the history of the sport goes in this region.

Basse-Pointe's waves become glassy and perfectly smooth when the easterly trade winds are less powerful and do not disturb the wave faces.

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Basse-Pointe: 200-meter right hand rides | Photo: Gianny Blameble

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