Seamus Carey: freezing for a cause | Photo: Jim Givas

FiveĀ surfers have climbed higher on the podium at the 6th annual Freeze For A Cause, held at North Carolina Avenue Beach, in Atlantic City.

Surfers and supporters helped raise $21,000 for the Dean Randazzo Cancer Foundation (DRCF), making it the most successful Freeze For A Cause event ever.

Despite the low temperatures and the wind chill, 43 wave riders put on their wetsuits, boots, gloves and hoods and helped promote cancer awareness.

The Dean Randazzo Cancer Foundation was created in 2001 when Dean Randazzo, a professional surfer from Atlantic City, was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph nodes.

"This was our best Freeze for a Cause to date. We have a great group of supporters and a hardworking board to make this event successful. Thanks to their dedication, we can now distribute more funds to people fighting cancer," underlines Paul Giunta, president of the DRCF.

The institution also assists individuals battling cancer, both emotionally and financially. In the water, the winners of the 6th annual Freeze For A Cause were Frank Levin, Jack Hendee, Sean Duffey, Aspen Lawyer.

6th Freeze For A Cause | Final Results

Grand Masters
1. Frank Levin
2. Joe Hemphill
3. Gary Finnigan

Junior Men
1. Jack Hendee
2. Chase DeEgan
3. Doug Raab

1. Sean Duffey
2. Gerry Matthews
3. Jack Handee

1. Aspen Lawyer
2. Anissa Maimone
3. Justine Aguiar

1. Anthony Spagnolo
2. Daniel Jones
3. Nick Rutowski

1. Sean Duffey
2. Chuck Piola
3. Mark Zappone


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