Daniel Kereopa: surprise, surprise | Photo: Cory Scott

Daniel Kereopa has taken out the stand up paddleboard division of The Ultimate Waterman 2015, held on the Otago Peninsula.

The wave rider from New Zealand surprised everyone with a flawless performance in the 45-minute final. Kereopa scored a Perfect 10 wave for a big hook in the pocket, a quick barrel and two turns.

"I got some great advice from my long time mentor Geoff Hutchison who told me I needed much more urgency in my heats and that is the approach I took today to get my first wave early in the final," revealed Kereopa.

"This was a big one for me beating Kai, everyone knows he is one of the greatest ever watermen in the world so just being able to compete with him is good and yeah my kids owe me five bucks each now."

The swell forecast shows that the big wave discipline might not be contested, which means that riders will only dispute the longboard and stand up paddleboard race before crowning The Ultimate Waterman.

Kai Lenny has taken the overall points lead; Danny Ching and Manoa Drollet remain in second equal ahead of Mark Visser in fourth.

The Ultimate Waterman 2015 | 3/6 Rankings

1. Kai Lenny (HAW), 3120
2. Danny Ching (USA), 3083
3. Manoa Drollet (TAH), 3083
4. Mark Visser (AUS), 2803
5. Georges Cronsteadt (TAH), 2723
6. Kala Alexander (HAW), 2518
7. Daniel Kereopa (NZL), 2253
8. Connor Baxter (HAW), 1955

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