Sofia Mulanovich

Today, the Olympic Museum recognizes what surfers worldwide and Peruvians have known for years, Sofia Mulanovich is a hero.

The Lausanne, Switzerland-based museum's exhibition called "Heroes" focuses on the athlete star system from different eras. Sofia represents the global heroes of modern times alongside Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Michael Phelps, Diego Maradona, Carl Lewis and Roger Federer.

"Even though surfing isn't in the Olympics yet, it is a true global sport and connects people worldwide," says Sofia Mulanovich. "It is a huge, but humbling honor to represent surfing on this global stage alongside the best athletes of all time."

Among the items being shown for Sofia will be a Red Bull Customized Channel Islands surfboard designed by a young fan in Peru during one of a series of the Red Bull Customized design contests, aka "Pimp my Board with Sofia series".

In addition to the board, the museum will display Sofia, the award-winning, 60-minute documentary on her influence on surfing in Latin American, it's awards, her Reef Signature Sandal and just a few of the trophies from the World Championship Tour.

This is the museum's biggest temporary exhibition of the year, exploring how an athlete can go beyond his or her sporting talents to become a political symbol, inspired inventor, icon of peace, source of inspiration, symbol of modesty or tragic figure.

The athlete star system is a phenomenon, which is represented differently depending on the era, but whose mechanisms remain the same; from way back, champions have been roles models. "Heroes" runs throughout the summer in Lausanne.

The 25-year-old is currently competing on the ASP World Tour. The next stop is Bell's Beach for the Rip Curl Women's Pro presented by Ford New Fiesta on April 8-13, 2009. Sofia took second place at Bell's the last two years and rang the bell with a win there in 2005.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) approved surfing's qualification system for the Tokyo 2020.

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