The Ultimate Waterman: big plans set for 2016 | Photo: Cory Scott/TUW

New Zealand has what it takes to become the ultimate surfing destination. And that is precisely what "The Ultimate Waterman" aims to prove.

The 48-minute documentary showcases the beauty of New Zealand's landscape, the Kiwi culture and the surfing potential, as well. In March, 2015, Daniel Kereopa won the inaugural edition of The Ultimate Waterman.

The event had eight world-class wave riders competing in six different disciplines, and chasing the most extreme weather conditions at locations such as Otago Peninsula, Coromandel, Raglan and Auckland's Piha and Mission Bay.

"Never before has a documentary aired internationally which shows off our diverse surf offering. This is more than a surf documentary, this is compelling entertainment which shows the behind-the-scenes, nitty-gritty of competition between some of the world's best water athletes," explains Greg Townsend, CEO at Surfing New Zealand.

"So far, we've had over 2.8 million views of the event content globally. The feedback from all of the athletes was incredible, saying that it had been the best event they'd ever competed in. They're hungry for more."

Plans for 2016 include adding more surfing disciplines into the competition, inviting more athletes to compete, and spreading it across a longer event period.

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