Longboard skateboards: cruise, carve and relax | Photo: Peter Kim/Creative Commons

There are three main types of longboard skateboards: cruiser and carve skateboards (for beginners), freeride skateboards (for intermediates), and downhill skateboards (for advanced riders).

Longboard cruisers are usually the best pick for surfers wishing to ride the sidewalks and streets in relaxed mode while training a few classic surf moves. You don't want to show off, and you don't need to be hurt.

These special skateboards are built for cruising around, carving and enjoying the sights. Forget rad tricks and leave the skate parks for the freestylers. Go check the surf, get to the grocery store for a few vegetables, or simply commute to work.

The most important characteristics of a cruising board are deck length, flexibility level, tail shape, truck, wheels, and bearings. Only the best skateboard manufacturers will tick all boxes with respect to quality materials.

When it comes to deck type, there are basically three cruisers: classic cruiserstop mount, and drop through.

Longboard skateboards: looking for maneuverability or stability? | Illustration: DB Longboards

The Drop Through Cruisers

The drop through models (35-44'') are quite stable, flexible and are often suited for longer rides. The downside is that they are less maneuverable than any other model.

The "Sector 9 Fractal" features an eight-ply maple board that is dropped down for easy pushing, carving and pumping.

The "Arbor Axis Premium" is a symmetrical, snowboard inspired shape that offers quick rail-to-rail performance, with drop-through mounting for a more ergonomic push and power through turns and slides.

The "DB Urban Native" offers excellent stability and easy pushing. The outline lowers the board and reduces lean, making this a great board for carving a bit faster or pushing longer distances.

The Top Mount Cruisers

The top mount model (34-39'') are specially designed for carving and extra stability. They stand in the middle between maneuverability and stability.

The "Landyachtz Bamboo Pinner" presents a simple construction and a classic shape. It is built with top mount trucks and a super flex deck, providing you with deep carving goodness.

The "Madrid Elephant" has been designed specifically for today's commuter and push culture enthusiasts. It comes with concave, a low-rider platform, and bamboo to add strength and flex.

The "Riviera Glass Off" is a surf-inspired skateboard with a mellow concave and a functional kick-tail for cruising around. The perfect model for checking the surf.

The Classic Cruisers 

The traditional cruiser (26-40'') models resemble a classic skateboard, and will allow for increased creativity on the asphalt. They are the least stable of all models.

The "Gravity Cruiser" is perfect for city cruising or carving up some hills. Its maneuverable kick tail will help turn faster in any circumstances.

The "Dusters Glassy Pinstripe Fiberglass" features a thin, lightweight fiberglass and wood construction, in a full concave with kick tail and nose.

The "Quest Uber Cruiser" is a popular longboard with classic bamboo and maple deck, original abstract graphics, rugged aluminum trucks and durable 70mm PU wheels.

Enjoy the ride and always wear a helmet.

The longboard cruisers review has been updated on November 7, 2017.

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