Lukas Brunner: he stormed the Munich Airport wave | Photo: dot.communications

Lukas Brunner is the grand winner of the 2015 European Championship in Stationary Wave Riding, held at the Munich Airport, in Germany.

A total of 130 surfers from 14 countries participated in the fifth edition of this popular artificial wave challenge. This year, the pool was wider, and the waves were bigger.

Brunner, 19, was able to showcase his (out)standing wave skills, and beat some of the world's best river surfers, including his fellow Eisbach partners Tao Schirrmacher and Gerry Schlegel.

"The sporting level in the finals was incredibly high this year. Although I had a good feeling, I wasn't sure whether I could resist the fierce competition until the last second. Now I will have to ask myself which surf spots will I visit, thanks to the prize money," said Brunner.

Over 24,000 spectators "flew" to the Munich Airport to attend the 2015 European Championship in Stationary Wave Riding. The event was a major success and will surely return in 2016. Bigger and better.

5th Surf & Style European Championship in Stationary Wave Riding | Final Results

1. Lukas Brunner
2. Tao Schirrmacher
3. Gerry Schlegel
4. Paul Günther

1. Mareen Scholz
2. Stephanie Pirron
3. Kathrin Gappmayr
4. Rahel Nufer

1. Quirin Rohleder
2. Fritz Hollweck
3. Robert Beez
4. Pascal Schichor

1. Moritz Wienecke
2. Simon Bitterlich
3. Lennard Weinhold
4. Lilly von Treuenfels

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