Alex Gray and Cheyne Magnusson: tidal bore masters | Photo: Body Glove

Alex Gray and Cheyne Magnusson (Team Los Angeles) have conquered the 2015 Red Bull Qiantang Surfing Shoot Out, in the tidal bore of the Qiantang River, in Hangzhou, China.

The event puts four two-man teams against each other in the "Silver Dragon." The third edition of the innovative competition was compressed into a one-big-day format due to the approaching Category 4 typhoon Dujuan.

Team LA was able to get barreled in the Chinese tidal wave and nailed the highest scored ride in the history of the competition.

Qiantang River: the Silver Dragon arrives | Photo: Red Bull Qiantang Surfing Shoot Out

Gray and Magnusson had never surfed the powerful tidal bore of the Qiantang River, but they managed to convince the judges and stole the $10,000 prize money.

Surfing China National Team trained for three consecutive days, and YangXue became the first Chinese woman ever to ride the river wave.

2015 Red Bull Qiantang Surfing Shoot Out | Results

1. Team Los Angeles (Alex Gray and Cheyne Magnussen)
2. Team Gold Coast (Dean Morrison and Dean Harrington)
3. Team Huntington Beach (Ryan and Timmy Turner)
4. Team Hangzhou China (Zhao Yuanhong and YangXue)

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