Skyplex: Orlando will have three standing wave pools in 2018 | Photo: AWM

American Wave Machines (AWM) announced the construction of the first surf park in the sky. The Skyplex entertainment complex will feature three standing wave pools in Orlando, Florida.

The theme park capital of the world will pump waves ten stories up at Skyplex, thanks to AMW's SurfStream technology. The new out-of-ocean surf venue will open in 2018.

"With surfing as one of the most aspirational of all sports and recreations, and with Orlando being one of the most visited cities in the world, Sky Surf Park will become a world-class surf destination," explained Bruce McFarland, founder of American Wave Machines.

The Sky Surf Park will include a casual beach and surf atmosphere for relaxing and surfing. A beachside café with large patio seating will offer a front row seat to the surfing with menu items such as fresh salads, wraps, sandwiches, fish tacos and more, along with craft beers, and signature cocktails.

Riders looking to surf can choose from three of the largest surf machines each running different waves from family bodyboarding and surfing to overhead barreling waves. Experienced surfers will ride six-foot tubes.

There will be right and left breaks for goofy and regular foot riders. The surf system also includes broad face waves, training, and intermediate waves operating at lower power. Surf schools will be able to teach beginners, too.

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