North Narrabeen Boardriders: winners of the Australian Boardriders Battle Series III | Photo: Surfing Australia

The North Narrabeen Boardriders claimed the Australian Boardriders Battle Series III, in the final held in punchy four-foot surf at Cronulla, Sydney.

The country's largest grassroots boardriders competition involved more than 60 of Australia's surf clubs in eight regional qualifying rounds. Only 20 made it to the grand final.

You could feel the tension in the air and water. When the top four teams reached the decisive clash, everyone knew what was at stake. Only North Narrabeen, Point Lookout Boardriders, North Shelly Boardriders and Merewether Surfboard Club had a shot at it.

The team led by Nathan Hedge was able to ride and score high - 35.67 points - and take home the prestigious trophy and $20,000 in cash.

"We had a sixth and a ninth in the first two years, and it didn't represent what we wanted for North Narrabeen, so we rallied up and got the support behind us and really deserved this one," said North Narrabeen stalwart Nathan Hedge.

The North Narrabeen Boardriders were: Cooper Chapman, Davey Cathels, Dylan Moffat, Jordy Lawler, Kai Warner, Laura Enever, Nathan Hedge, Nathan Webster, and Tru Starling.

"When you surf for your club and your home it means everything. It means the world to step up for your club and do it for your friends. This format is incredible."

But there were special awards for many others. Ethan Ewing (Point Lookout Boardriders) won the Wayne Bartholomew Medal for the best-performing male surfer, and Macy Callaghan (North Shelly Boardriders) took the Layne Beachley Medal for best-performing female.

Shane Holmes (North Shelly Boardriders) claimed the Milwaukee Heavy Duty Hack Award for the surfer who displayed the biggest and best power move, and Burleigh Boardriders won the Fox Sports Patriot Award for the club that demonstrated the most passionate spirit during the national final.

Original Source Australian Boardriders Battle Series III | Grand Final

1. North Narrabeen Boardriders, 35.67
2. Point Lookout Boardriders, 30.37
3. Merewether Surfboard Club, 27.30
4. North Shelly Boardriders, 26.97

The push through, or punch through technique allows surfers to get past a small broken wave and reach the lineup without having to duck dive or turtle roll.

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