Kaimana Henry: tube time | Photo: Bielmann/Waterman League

Kaimana Henry has taken out the 2016 Da Hui Backdoor Shootout, held at Banzai Pipeline, Hawaii.

The 20th-anniversary edition was held in memory of Duke Kahanamoku and, once again, challenged the traditional conventions of competitive surfing with a non-elimination format, no colored jerseys, and a 12-point judging scale.

The three-day contest got underway in solid Hawaiian wave conditions. All riders surfed perfect Off-the-Wall tube lines with sets hitting the 10-foot mark. Henry stood tall in the barrel and ended up winning the prestigious event.

The cooperative team challenge also provided an exciting showdown. In the end, Team Volcom (Dusty Payne, Kaimana Henry, and Gavin Beschen) stole the victory from Team Da Hui Wax by only 0.09 points.

Kaimana Henry took home $25,000. Mo Freitas (SUP), Dino Miranda (Longboard), and Todd Sells (Bodysurfing) also won trophies in their divisions.

2016 Da Hui Backdoor Shootout in Memory of Duke Kahanamoku | Final Results

1. Kaimana Henry (Volcom)
2. Jamie O'Brien (Da Hui Wax)
3. Jay Davies (RVCA)
4. Gavin Beschen (Volcom)
5. Nathan Florence (Da Hui Wax)
6. Torrey Meister (Hui Wax)
7. Ezekiel Lau (Quiksilver)
8. Dusty Payne (Volcom)
9. Billy Kemper (Da Hui Wax)
10. Luke Shepherdson (North Shore Surf Shop)

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