Westkust: making surfboards out of cardboards

A Dutch company is shaping surfboards out of cardboards. Westkust allows you to order a cardboard kit and assemble all pieces, or to download the files you need to do it yourself.

The world of surfboards is evolving rapidly. Today, you can surf with almost anything. From balsa to cork, the range of materials that can be used to shape a surfboard is nearly endless.

With Westkust's surprising formula, the good news is that you can build your surfboard in the dining room. You won't need foam or complicated shaping tools. Once the "cardboard puzzle" is finished, you just need to glass it. Paper and water are not friends.

If you own a laser cutter - or if you know someone who has it - you can simply download the computer files and do the job anywhere. If you prefer to order the surfboard made of cardboard, you'll get the pieces by mail and, in a couple of hours, it will be ready for glassing.

Westkust: you just need to glass it

"Westkust is born out of the thought that surfing needs a more open source based mentality. So, everything that we design is shared with the public for free," the brands explains.

"We strongly believe that sharing your work with the world and making the designs public will spark a lot of good things. Westkust consists of engineers, entrepreneurs and designers."

The innovative surfboard company has nine models that go from a 5'5'' retro fishtail to a 10'8'' longboard.

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