Oakley Surf Shop Challenge 2016: when surfing becomes a team sport | Photo: OSSC

The finalists of the Oakley Surf Shop Challenge 2016 are ready for the decisive clash, to be held October 5th-6th in Lower Trestles, California.

The competition was born in the early 1980 and pits four-man surf shop teams against each other. The qualifying contests found seven regional champions across the United States. Now, they're ready to go for broke.

"I'm excited to see how this format goes down at Lower Trestles, running up the rocks and all. We're probably all going to stub our toes on the cobblestones. Stoked for that," notes Chris Murnane, Surf Ride Oceanside shop employee.

"Surfing can be a really selfish and individual sport, but when you compete in a team format, it makes you have to think like a team. If you miss your chance, you have to make sure to barge back to shore to give your other teammates a shot," stressed Willie Eagleton, member of Pacific Wave.

In the Oakley Surf Shop Challenge, each team is comprised of two shop pros and two shop employees, but in the Northeast contest, Heritage Margate became the first team to win with a female team member.

Oakley Surf Shop Challenge 2016 | Finalists

Southwest > Surf Ride Oceanside
Mid-Atlantic > Sweetwater Surf Shop
Northeast > Heritage Margate
Southeast > Quiet Flight
Northwest > Pacific Wave
West > Huntington Surf & Sport
Hawaii > T&C Surf Factory

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