13 female bodysurfers ride a single wave in Del Mar

March 28, 2018 | Surfing
Bodysurfers: 13 women rode a single wave in Del Mar | Photo: DMBC

A group of 13 dedicated waterwomen has simultaneously bodysurfed a single wave.

Whether you're using only your body or incorporating a handplane, bodysurfing is always an exciting and physically healthy experience.

The forgotten art of bodysurfing is resurrecting from the ashes of the past, and gaining new enthusiasts in all coastlines of the globe.

Men and women, young and old are increasingly enjoying the pleasures of gliding across the waves using their skin, bones, and muscles to propel themselves through the water.

In what it is supposed to be a world's first, 13 athletes from several California surfing clubs set a new record for the most women bodysurfing a wave.

The world record attempt took place at 17th Street, in Del Mar, California. Among the bodysurfers were seven world champions.

The list of riders included Calla Allison, Meredith Rose, Scotti Shafer, Sunny Rickard, Angela Oschmann, Morgan Launer, Sue Lafferty, Christy Hahn, Hayley Nemeroff, Lyn Shafer, Alessandra Barbosa, Colleen Boyd Turner, and Sabrina Jutronich.

The event was organized by the Del Mar Bodysurfing Club, a circle that, since 2012, gathers avid bodysurfers that congregate every weekend in front of Lifeguard HQ at 17th Street.

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