Beer: there's nothing like enjoying a cold brew after a long surf session | Photo: Corona

They're cold, but they'll heat you up. They're made from cereals, but they're not breakfast drinks. Discover the best beers for the after surf chill-out.

It is always hard to write about beers because you can't match the pleasure of tasting them when a dreamy surf session is over. You walk up the beach with that salty taste in the mouth and, a couple of minutes later, you're sipping the first drops of golden liquid.

The most popular alcoholic beverage in the world is more than 11,000 years old. Today, there are more than 10,000 craft breweries in the planet, and over 85 percent of them are located in the USA and Europe.

There are beers for all tastes. There are four main types of beer: ales, lagers, stouts and porters, and malts. And then, dozens of styles: amber, blonde, brown, cream, dark, fruit, golden, honey, India pale ale, light, lime, pale, pilsner, red, strong, and wheat.

Traditionally, surfers prefer light beers. After a two-hour session riding salt water waves under sunny skies, there's nothing more pleasing than sipping a cold, low-calorie and low-alcohol brew.

If you're on a surf trip, it is always useful to know what to ask for, especially if you don't speak the local language. The following beers will never let a surfer down.

The beers you are about to enjoy are not surf-themed beers. These brews were chosen because they are relatively low in alcohol, and because they're quite popular within the surfing communities of their countries of origin.

Always remember to drink responsibly, and eat something while enjoying these beauties. And when you drink, don't drive. Finally, don't forget that water is still the best drink in the world.


Asahi (Japan)
Asahi is a Japanese "karakuchi" (dry) beer brewed since 1987. Its alcohol by volume is 5.0%.



Bintang (Indonesia)
Bintang is an Indonesian pilsner beer with a taste similar to Heineken. Its alcohol by volume is 4.7%.



Brahma (Brazil)
Brahma is an internationally famous Brazilian beer brewed since 1888. Its alcohol by volume is 4.3%.



Bud Light (USA)
Bud Light is a famous American beer brewed since 1981 and produced by Budweiser. Its alcohol by volume is 4.2%.

Bud Light


Carling Black Label (Canada)
Carling is a Canadian beer brewed since 1927, and particularly popular in the UK, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Its alcohol by volume is 5.5-5.0%.

Carling Black Label


Carlsberg (Denmark)
Carlsberg is a Danish pilsner beer brewed since 1904. Its alcohol by volume is 5.0%.



Cerveza Cristal (Peru)
Cerveza Cristal is the most popular beer in Peru, and it is brewed since 1922. Its alcohol by volume is 5.0%.

Cerveza Cristal


Cerveza Pacífico (Mexico)
Cerveza Pacífico is a Mexican pilsner beer brewed since 1900. Its alcohol by volume is 4.5%.

Cerveza Pacífico


Corona (Mexico)
Corona is a top-selling Mexican pale lager beer brewed since 1925. Its alcohol by volume is 4.5%.



Estrella Galicia (Spain)
Estrella Galicia is a Spanish pale lager beer brewed since 1906. Its alcohol by volume is 5.5%.

Estrella Galicia


Foster's (Australia)
Foster's is an Australian lager beer brewed since 1889. Its alcohol by volume is 5.0%.



Guinness (Ireland)
Guinness is a very successful Irish dry stout brewed since 1759. Its alcohol by volume is 4.1-4.3%.



Heineken (Netherlands)
Heineken is a Dutch pale lager beer brewed since 1873. Its alcohol by volume is 5.0%.



Hinano (Tahiti)
Hinano is a Tahitian beer brewed since 1955. Its alcohol by volume is 5.0%.



Kronenbourg 1664 (France)
Kronenbourg 1664 is a French pale lager brewed since 1952. Its alcohol by volume is 5.0%.

Kronenbourg 1664


Super Bock (Portugal)
Super Bock is a Portuguese pale lager beer brewed since 1927. Its alcohol by volume is 5.2%.

Super Bock


Enjoy your beer, and play a surf pub quiz with your friends.