Wavegarden Scotland: the surf pool technology is heading to Edinburgh | Photo: Wavegarden Scotland

Scotland wants a Wavegarden. The artificial wave technology might be heading to Ratho, near Edinburgh.

The capital city of Scotland is sometimes blessed by North Sea swells but, this time, the waves are coming from an inland source.

A disused quarry located near Ratho could be the perfect spot for the surf pool powered by Wavegarden's second generation technology - The Cove.

The project has been submitted to public consultation, and the promoters believe that the man-made surf structure has what it take to revolutionize the region.

"If approved, it could position Scotland as a leading surfing destination as the country already has some world-class natural breaks," says Andy Hadden, the co-founder of Tartan Leisure, the company behind Wavegarden Scotland.

"The large park area surrounding has all sorts of potential for ancillary activities. It will also be an area of natural beauty and a wonderful place to escape and relax for all age groups."

According to the developers, the surf zone will also feature shops, a public country park, a café, self-catering lodges, and a car park.

If Wavegarden Scotland gets the green light from the authorities, it will be built near the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena, so that both facilities help Ratho become an international outdoor sports destination.

The Scottish Surfing Federation and the Edinburgh city council have already expressed positive feedback on the project.

Wavegarden Scotland: the surfing center will feature multiple amenities | Photo: Wavegarden Scotland

Waves are constantly breaking all over the world, and if you're on a surf trip or family vacations it's always good to know you can rent a surfboard anywhere there's a gem to be ridden.

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