Surf patches: wear them, show them | Photo: Mowgli

Patches, pins and pin-back buttons are some of the most popular collectibles out there. Discover the most striking pieces inspired by surfing.

Rare collectibles have a positive effect on our lives. Because of their uniqueness, we feel we own something special, uncommon, and matchless. Memorabilia often carries an emotional charge that touches us deeply.

And when the subject is surfing, the results are even more surprising. You'll find hundreds of colorful and creative items with an impressive range of creative uses.

Whether you're building a private collection with a business perspective, or simply collecting iron-on patches, lapel pins and badges that you'll wear, we've curated a selection of arty, quality artworks.

Let the following surf patches, pins, and button badges brighten up your day.


Aloha Patch

Aloha Patch | Get It


Peace, Love, Saka Button Badge

Peace, Love, Shaka Button Badge | Get It


California Patch

California Patch | Get It


Surfer Girl Patch

Surfer Girl Patch | Get It


Surfer Evolution Button Badge

Surfer Evolution Button Badge


Hello Kitty Patch

Hello Kitty Patch | Get It


Windsurfer Pin

Windsurfer Pin | Get It


Surf Car Patch

Surf Car Patch | Get It


Wave Pin

Wave Pin | Get It


Surf Patch

Surf Patch | Get It


Surfer Girl Pin

Surfer Girl Pin | Get It


Surfboard Pin

Surfboard Pin | Get It


I Love To Surf Patch

I Love To Surf Patch | Get It


Windsurfer 2 Pin

Windsurfer 2 Pin | Get It


Gone Surfing Patch

Gone Surfing Patch | Get It


Surfer Button Badge

Surfer Button Badge


Surfboard & Palm Tree Patch

Surfboard & Palm Tree Patch | Get It


Surf Crossing Patch

Surf Crossing Patch | Get It


Surf Sign 2 Patch

Surf Sign 2 Patch | Get It


Surf's Up Patch

Surf's Up Patch | Get It


Hang Loose Hawaii Patch

Hang Loose Hawaii Patch | Get It


Hang Ten Patch

Hang Ten Patch | Get It


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