Surfing: University of Lisbon launched a postgraduation in high-performance surf coaching | Photo: Surfing Medicine International

University of Lisbon's Faculty of Human Kinetics announced the launch of a postgraduation program in high-performance surf coaching.

The world of surfing is evolving rapidly, becoming transparent, standardized, evidence-based, multidisciplinary and Olympic.

The postgraduation in high-performance surf coaching is the world's first course supported by Surfing Medicine International, offering state of the art medical knowledge.

"The curriculum is structured and based on pedagogical standards for sport science graduates and sports health professionals evolving their skills through an evidenced-based approach and state of the art surf coaching," underline the Portuguese institution.

The program was designed to provide advanced professional competencies for professional surf coaching. It will include eight modules: Sport Foundations, Sport Performance, Practice in Surf Performance, Surf Industry, Surf Periodizations, Long Term Surfers Development, Surfing Medicine, and Internship.

Nearly 30 lecturers will participate in the postgraduate study coordinated by David Raimundo and Miguel Moreira. The course is aimed at 30 coaches, sport science graduates and sports health professionals.

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