Deus 9ft and Single 2017: respect the longboard | Photo: Deus

It's cool not to look cool, even if cool is the new cool. The 2017 Deus 9ft and Single might be over, but the highlights are truly refreshing.

The organizers label it "an anomaly," and it's easy to understand their point-of-view. The event gathers surfers, musicians, and performers and invites them to showcase their art, in and out of the water.

There are parties, exhibitions, live music, and lots of entertainment. And what better place to enjoy the fun side of life than Canggu, in Bali.

This year, the organization created the Fish Fry Comp, a fun-driven contest centered around retro fish twin-fin boards. Tom Morat and three local surfers - Ayok, Jun, and Sodok - made it to the final, and impressed the crowd in the beach with their creativity in the waves.

The Womp Comp is what the organizers call "horizontal surfing." Athletes are invited to put on a swimming cap and hit the shore break. In other words, it's bodysurfing at its best - lovely to watch.

The event also held two classics: the Ladies 9ft & Single Log, and the Under 9ft & Single. In the end, the crew surrendered to the concept. It's so cool to look cool.

Deus 9ft and Single 2017 | Winners

Deus 9ft & Single Log: Harrison Roach
Deus Ladies 9ft & Single Log: Rosie Jaffurs
Deus Fish Fry Comp: Tom Morat
Deus Under 9ft & Single: Harrison Roach
Deus Womp Comp: Harrison Roach

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