Vincent Duvignac: he led Team Rip Curl to victory in Anglet | Photo: Arrieta/WSL

Team Rip Curl claimed the iconic 2017 Anglet Surf de Nuit, at Chambre d'Amour, in France.

The night surfing event attracted 20,000 surfing fans, who witnessed six teams battling it out in the dark in three-foot waves for the prestigious trophy.

The specialty event sanctioned by the World Surf League ran three heats featuring 18 male and female surfers representing six well-known surf companies.

In the first clash, Thomas Debierre led Team Soöruz to victory. The young French surfer had had just lost in the Caraïbos Lacanau Pro earlier the same day and decided to drive down to Anglet to compete in the dark.

Pauline Ado, a Championship Tour (CT) surfer wearing the Rip Curl logo, won the second heat at her home spot and sent the ultimate decision to the final showdown.

The third heat showcased some of the best airs and maneuvers of the event. In the end, it was Vincent Duvignac who stormed the lineup with a huge forehand rotation.

"I'm stoked to win with the team tonight. We're going to proudly showcase that trophy in our Rip Curl offices. Thanks everyone for putting it on. It was a lot of fun," concluded Duvignac.

2017 Anglet Surf de Nuit | Results

1. Team Rip Curl
2. Team Soöruz
3. Team Quiksilver/Roxy
4. Team Lastage
5. Team Billabong
6. Team Hurley

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