Killer whales have stormed the world's northernmost surfing competition, in Unstad, Norway.

Traditionally, sharks are the greatest threat to surfers and surf competitions. But, this time, nature sent something a little bit different.

Two large killer whales, also known as orcas, invaded the Lofoten Masters contest area when surfers were in the lineup competing for a place in the final.

The athletes spotted the mammals and immediately paddled in. No one got hurt, but they left the peak with a story to tell their friends and family.

The surfers later said that the animals were only a couple of feet away from them. The 2017 Lofoten Masters was then resumed, with Maria Petersson and Edi Siswanto claiming the main titles.

Lofoten is a Norwegian archipelago located in the Arctic Circle. Unstad is an idyllic beach and reef break where Mick Fanning recently surfed under the northern lights.

A killer whale weighs up to 10 tonnes and could reach 32 feet (9.8 meters). The animal is not known for attacking and killing humans, except when raised in captivity.

Orcas had never attacked humans in Europe, and the only confirmed incident took place in 1972, in California.

2017 Lofoten Masters | Finals

1. Edi Siswanto, 12.37
2. Shannon Ainslie, 12.17
3. Luke Saranah, 11.77
4. Gil Ferreira, 11.73

1. Maria Petersson, 7.07
2. Ingrid Velken Kverneland, 5.60
3. Ida Lien Vindvik, 4.63
4. Camilla Pedersen, 2.54


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