Kelly Slater

Several Australian news sources are considering the chance of Kelly Slater giving up on his title defense, after failing to go through the second round of the 2009 Billabong Pro Teahupoo, in Tahiti.

The 9-time ASP world champion was defeated by Aritz Aranburu and is quoted admitting to quit the 10th title race. After the shock loss, Kelly Slater said that was 'decision time' and he did not want to lose more places in the 2009 ranking.

The american surfer also underlined that it is still possible to conquer the 10th trophy, even with the first bad results, as it happened last year.

Kelly Slater has been quoted saying he's got a lot of things in mind, some of them distracting him from performance surfing. He now sits in the 25th place with 1230 points.

Joel Parkinson is the current 2009 ASP WCT leader with 3000 points.

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