Praia do Norte, Nazaré: this is scary lineup | Photo: Masurel/WSL

The third stop on the 2017/2018 Big Wave Tour (BWT) will get underway on Saturday, February 10, in Praia do Norte, Portugal.

The Nazaré Challenge 2018 is expecting a 20-to-35-foot swell with occasional sets hitting 40 feet, and winds offshore to side-offshore winds in the morning.

Thousands of surfing fans will be able to follow the action on site, near the Nazaré lighthouse, on the surrounding cliffs, and down on the beach.

The notorious Portuguese big wave surf break is welcoming the Big Wave Tour entourage for the second time in its history. Jamie Mitchell won the first edition held in December 2016.

But with a win in Puerto Escondido, and a fourth place in Peahi/Jaws, Hawaiian waterman Kai Lenny hopes to consolidate his lead in the overall standings.

In fact, four surfers from Hawaii occupy the top 5 positions in the rankings - Lenny, Billy Kemper, Ian Walsh, and Makuakai Rothman.

The team behind the Big Wave Tour only raises the green light when the waves reach the 30-foot-plus mark. When the call is made, athletes have 72 hours to get to the contest venue.

2017/2018 Big Wave Tour | Top 5

1. Kai Lenny (HAW) 19,042
2. Billy Kemper (HAW) 18,807
3. Ian Walsh (HAW) 15,625
4. Makuakai Rothman (HAW) 13,920
5. Jamie Mitchell (AUS) 10,647

August 3, 2016, was a day that surfers should never forget. For the first time in its long history, surfing was confirmed in the Olympic Games.

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