Drew Brophy: an established surfboard artist for more than 30 years

American surf artist Drew Brophy will showcase his work at the Franklin G. Burroughs-Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum, in Myrtle Beach, in South Carolina.

The exhibition, named "Making Waves," will be on display from June 23 through September 16, 2018, and showcases Brophy's work of 30 years as a unique surfboard artist, and illustrator.

His idiosyncratic style blends the use of exaggerated features with intense, bright colors to express the subtleties of life, nature and, obviously, surfing, surfers, and their culture.

Brophy, 46, started surfing in Myrtle Beach and, today, he lives and breathes Southern California's San Clemente. Millions have already seen his works via surf publications and mainstream magazines like Surfing Magazine and Playboy.

Surf art: Drew Brophy's unique style involves exaggerated features and intense, bright colors

Drew Brophy was one of the first to use opaque pens to paint surfboards in the 1990s when the rad colors and designs invaded the surfer's gear.

His original design creations have also been used by companies like Google, IBM, Liquid Force, Lost Surfboards and Sector 9 Skateboards to promote their products and services.

Lately, Drew Brophy threw himself into the world of physics and mathematics to incorporate geometry into his large, mixed-media paintings.

The exhibition will allow the viewer to witness the progression of his work through a series of progressive, creative stages, from the first sketch to final artwork.

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