Weed Waxx: it's surf wax, not marijuana

It doesn't contain anything illegal, but it smells like marijuana. Meet surfing's latest adventure into the unknown - Weed Waxx.

Huntington Beach surfer, artist, and entrepreneur Dave C. Reynolds - no, it's not Dane Reynolds - spent ten years developing the ultimate weed-scented surf wax.

Reynolds was a bit tired of the classic bubble gum, vanilla, coconut and other fruity scents, so he decided it was time to manufacture and sell a marijuana-smelling surf wax.

When he found fragrance labs that were able to replicate the smell of weed, he introduced Weed Waxx to the market.

"It is made using premium natural waxes, organic hemp seed oil, and our proprietary 'Blue Dream' scent. And it offers the perfect amount of traction for the modern surfer," the developer notes.

Reynolds eventually ended up developing three products for three action sports: Weed Waxx Surf Wax, Speedy Weedy's Snowboard Wax, and Kurb Kush Skateboard Wax.

Sold under the motto "surfing is a natural high," the marijuana-scented wax has already hit the California surf shops and Amazon.com.

Pro free surfer Dane Reynolds received a sample and gave thumbs up. But remember: the best smelling surf wax on the planet is not for smoking.

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