Drones: they are now towing foil surfers into the waves

They say they're taking foil surfing to new heights. And that is actually true because the footage speaks for itself.

Technology is becoming a native part actions sports, and we're incorporating gadgets in everything we use and ride. Time will tell when we reach our pain point, but it until then it's game on.

Aaron Eveland has found a creative way of boosting his foil surfing power. So, he grabbed a rope and got towed into the surf by a giant drone owned by Eric Sterman.

The 1.3-meter-wide Alta 8 drone provided enough speed and power for Eveland to enjoy a good run across the water.

In the future - who knows - they could be the answer to dramatic big wave surfing rescues, in situations where seconds count and make a difference between life and death.

Can you imagine reaching out to victims of wipeouts and three-wave hold-downs in a matter of seconds, and in places where jet skis can't navigate?

Now more than ever, surfers have a great responsibility on the shoulders. Here's what makes a complete, contemporary wave rider.

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