Trestles: a perfect venue for the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games | Photo: Rowland/WSL

The International Surfing Association (ISA) is working to make sure surfing will remain an Olympic sport for years to come.

Surfing will make its formal debut in the Summer Olympics in Tokyo 2020. But ISA wants to build a solid foundation that will keep surfing in the biggest sporting event in the world.

The organization led by Fernando Aguerre believes that the recent announcement of surfing as the official sport of California will help keep it in the Olympic movement.

"California is synonymous with surfing. Across the state's incredible coastline, countless world-renowned surf breaks and unique local surf culture, there is so much to celebrate as we look ahead to Los Angeles 2028," notes Fernando Aguerre, president of the ISA.

According to California State Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi, the sport of surfing generates more than $6 billion per year for the Golden State.

Despite being born in Hawaii, it is universally accepted that California helped revolutionize the sport, and became the largest hub of the surfboard manufacturing industry.

"Our hope is to build on the success of Tokyo 2020 at Paris 2024, before what could be a very emotional homecoming in 2028. Surfing and the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games would be the perfect combination," concludes Aguerre.

The ISA and the World Surf League (WSL) headquarters are both located in La Jolla, and Santa Monica, California, respectively.

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