Blackies, Newport Beach: the 2018 Halloween Surf Day attracted 100 spooky creatures

The 12th Annual Blackies Halloween Surf Day attracted 100 people to Newport Beach, California.

On October 27, the classic costume show-off kicked off under a thick, scary fog. In the past, the best Halloween costumes would win giveaways - today, it's all about showing off and having fun.

Fortunately, the hair-raising factor is still alive with more and more surfers keeping passersby frightened and shocked. Once again, there were superheroes and unusual animals haunting the event.

The surfers' lineup transformed into a daunting zone. You could easily spot Batman and Poison Ivy, Superwoman, Wally, Captain America, Colonel Sanders, Napoleon, and a Yeti dropping in and sliding across the moving liquid.

But there were also criminals, surf dogs, mad clowns, prisoners, butterflies, toy soldiers, pink fishes, bees, chickens, living skeletons, witches, cows, and masked surfers out-the-back.

In the end, the most popular Halloween surf costume meeting in California resulted in a spine-chilling, yet fun and entertaining morning for both children and adults.

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