Kelly Slater: he put on a solid display of tube riding at Pipeline | Photo:

Filipe Toledo is out of the 2018 world title race. The Brazilian surfer was knocked out of Billabong Pipe Masters by Kelly Slater in Round 3.

Toledo and Slater put on an incredible show of tube riding with both athletes exchanging back-to-back barrels.

Slater ended up picking the best waves and put an end to Toledo's world title hopes with a clinic lesson of Backdoor surfing on his last wave.

"It is very frustrating right now. I'm trying to stay strong, but it is a complicated moment for me. I trained hard all year long and then, in a single heat, all my dreams fall apart," expressed Filipe Toledo.

The Brazilian talent won two events this season - the Oi Rio Pro and the Corona Open J-Bay - but three 13th place finishes compromised his overall performance in the rankings.

"I would like to thank everyone who was supporting me, and those who were against me. The rivalry that the internet created between Gabriel and me is ridiculous. We're friends, and he has my respect as a professional. Bring the title to Brazil!"

Toledo fell on Round 3, but Gabriel Medina and Julian Wilson won their clashes and the world title battle between the two continues.

The world title scenarios are as follows:

1. If Gabriel Medina finishes first or second at the Billabong Pipe Masters, he clinches the world title;
2. If Gabriel Medina finishes third at the Billabong Pipe Masters, Julian Wilson needs to win the event;
3. If Gabriel Medina finishes fifth or 25th, Julian Wilson will need a second or first to claim the world title;

Joel Parkinson, who is retiring from professional surfing after the Pipe Masters, is still up and running, and fighting for the prestigious Triple Crown of Surfing title.

2018 Billabong Pipe Masters | Round 4 Matchups

Ryan Callinan (AUS), Jordy Smith (ZAF), Conner Coffin (USA)
Michel Bourez (PYF), Sebastian Zietz (HAW), Gabriel Medina (BRA)
Yago Dora (BRA), Julian Wilson (AUS), Joel Parkinson (AUS)
Jesse Mendes (BRA), Joan Duru (FRA), Kelly Slater (USA)

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