Kolohe Andino won the 2009 NSSA Open Mens title

The 15-year-old surfer from San Clemente, Kolohe Andino won the 2009 NSSA Open Mens title (plus Explorer Boys and Air Show) in Lower Trestles, San Clemente, California.

In the Open Womens final, Santa Barbara’s Lakey Peterson defeated Nage Melamed, Malia Manuel and defending Open Women’s champ Courtney Conlogue, with a nice frontside air.

These are the final results:

Open Mens
1. Kolohe Andino
2. Evan Thompson
3. Alex Smith
4. Conner Coffin

Open Womens
1. Lakey Peterson
2. Courtney Conlogue
3. Malia Manuel
4. Nage Melamed

Open Juniors
1. Ezekial Lau
2. Conner Coffin
3. Matty Costa
4. Kaimana Jaquias

Open Boys
1. Ian Gentil
2. Josh Moniz
3. Benji Brand
4. Jacob Davis
5. Jake Marshall
6. Imai Devault

Open Mini Groms
1. Kei Kobayashi
2. Kaulana Apo
3. Griffin Colapinto
4. Luke Marks
5. Dylan Lehmann
6. Noa Mizuno

Open Longboard
1. Scott Brandenburg
2. Shaun Thompson
3. Matt Blias-Calles
4. Patrick Nichols
5. Steve Mclean
6. Westin Williams

NSSA Air Show
1. Kolohe Andino
2. Alex Smith
3. Ezekial Lau
4. Balaram Stack
5. Dylan Goodale
6. Koa Smith

Explorer Mens
1. Kiron Jabour
2. Alex Smith
3. Dylan Goodale
4. Tanner Hendrickson
5. Fisher Heverly
6. Makana Eleogram

Explorer Womens
1. Malia Manuel
2. Catherine Clark
3. Nage Melamed
4. Keilia Moniz
5. Leila Hurst
6. Alyssa Wooten

Explorer Juniors
1. Kiron Jabour
2. Tanner Hendrickson
3. Fisher Heverly
4. Evan Thompson
5. Dylan Goodale
6. Kolohe Andino

Explorer Boys
1. Kolohe Andino
2. Ian Gentil
3. Jake Halstead
4. Koa Smith
5. Benji Brand
6. Taylor Clark

Explorer Girls
1. Alessa Quizon
2. Lakey Peterson
3. Tatiana Weston-Webb
4. Harley Talch
5. Kallee Krebs
6. Shelby Detmers

Explorer Menehuene
1. Ian Gentil
2. Kalani David
3. Benji Brand
4. Kanoa Igarashi
5. Patrick Curren
6. Braiden Maither

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