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More than 50 percent of all world board riders live on the American continent. The latest surf industry report released by shows that 29 percent of the US surfers, kitesurfers, windsurfers, and bodyboarders are currently enjoying waves in California, the sunshine state.

The intelligent data analysis revealed that Sydney, London, and New York are the world cities with the most wave riders.

Interestingly, the capital of the United Kingdom is not a coastal city, but the number of foreign citizens staying there is one of the reasons behind the passion for extreme water sports.

Europe is the second continent in terms of wind and wave sports enthusiasts.

Curiously, there are more surfers, kitesurfers, windsurfers, and bodyboarders in Northern Europe than in Western or Southern Europe, though Nordic riders prefer wind activities.

Australia is the surfing country with the most extreme changes regarding the number of participants in different regions and coastal areas.

If you're about to open a surf shop in Australia, the chances of having customers daily in Western Australia might be much smaller than if you establish yourself in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

More than 41 percent of all Aussie wind and wave riders live in Sydney.

South Africa holds 68 percent of the total number of surfers of the African continent, the one with the fewest number of riders. The study shows that Cape Town is among the country's top surfing cities.

Although surfing and sailing in China is still a rare picture, the number of riders is growing steadily. Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen have small but loyal surfing communities that will get bigger in the next few years.

Up to 61 percent of the world's wave and wind riding community looks for surfing information through online search engines. collects reliable data from consumers and visitors in more than 200 countries.

The information is then filtered for geographic analysis, content choices, brand preferences, sports trends, and even search engine keyword combinations.'s intelligent data management framework produces the only surf company-driven document available for decision-making with credible and accurate facts and figures.

For more information, visit the Surf Industry Data Mining | Real-Time Business Intelligence & World Stats for CEOs and Executives.

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