32 surfers drop into La Vaca Gigante Invitational 2015/2016

November 11, 2015 | Surfing
La Vaca: the Spanish big wave surf spot breaks over a deep rocky seabed | Photo: La Vaca XXL

The organizers of La Vaca Gigante Invitational 2015/2016 have announced the list of 32 riders that will challenge on the liquid beasts of Santander, in the north of Spain.

Andrew Cotton, Aritz Aranburu, Axi Muniain, Eric Rebiere, Grant "Twiggy" Baker, Natxo González, Pablo Gutiérrez, and Tom Lowe are some of the invitees for this year's edition.

La Vaca Gigante Invitational 2015/2016 will feature big wave surfers from several corners of the globe, and many national and local chargers. The waiting period runs from October 1st through March 31st.

The Spanish big wave event will be broadcasted online, but surf fans will also follow all the action on a big screen especially installed in a Santander Plaza.

La Vaca is a big wave surfing spot discovered by Oscar Gomez and Luis Garcia, in 2006. Initially, surfers began tow surfing the peak, but with time local riders understood that La Vaca offered paddling opportunities. Waves break over a deep rocky seabed.

La Vaca Gigante Invitational 2015/2016 | Invitees

Alejandro Morales Galan
Alexsander Zirke
Alfredo Garcia
Alvaro Cotera
Andrew Cotton
Antonin dé Soultrait
Aritz Aranburu
Axi Muniain
Carlos Alberto Meana
Daniel Bruch
Daniel Pablos
David Echagüe
Eric Rebiere
Fernando Riego
Grant Baker
Indar Unanue
Jacobo Rodríguez
Juan Díaz-Terán
Luís García
Manuel Lezcano
Miguel Welsh
Nagai Puntiverio
Natxo González
Ollie O’Flaherty
Oscar Gómez-Ibars
Pablo Gutiérrez
Pablo Solar
Pablo Suárez
Pilou Ducalme‏
Skeet Derham
Tom Lowe