Bondi Beach: 320 Santa surfers invade the line-up | Photo: RedBalloon

Three hundred and twenty Santa surfers have broken the Guinness World Record for the world's largest surf lesson in Bondi Beach, Australia.

The famous Sydney beach was dressed in red, and the goal of the gathering was simple and valid - to raise awareness and funds for OneWave, a non-profit surf organization supporting people with mental health problems.

Young, old, beginners, and pros hit the water with their red suits and long white beards. With 320 Santa surfers in the water at the exact same time, it is fair to say that Bondi Beach was a bit crowded.

The previous record was set at 250 surfers, so the Christmas meeting added 70 new members to the file. The 30-minute surf lesson was a huge success.

"Surfing in December truly highlights the Australian summer Christmas. We were really excited to work with 'Let’s Go Surfing' and with Bondi locals to break this record and to share an unforgettable RedBalloon experience with all 320 who participated," said Nick Baker, CEO at RedBalloon.

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