One Winter Story

Produced, directed and shot on 16mm and Super8 film by Sally Lundburg and Elizabeth Pepin of Frank Films, this unique hour-long documentary examines the life and legacy of Sarah Gerhardt.

In February 1999, Sarah became the first woman to surf Maverick's, the monstrous wave that breaks in the freezing waters off Half Moon Bay in Northern California.

Over the years, Maverick's has become the place where big wave surfers come to test their skills in some of the harshest surfing conditions in the world. Sarah's journey to Maverick's was anything but easy. Surfing became her escape from the hardships of home and faith became the guiding force in her life.

"One Winter Story" traces Sarah's strength and determination to her roots in a beautiful montage of film, voice, memory and emotion.

Her journey takes viewers from one fantastic surfing local to another: from the frigid and challenging conditions off the coast of Central California, to the massive walls of water on the Outer Reefs of Hawaii where Sarah became the first woman in the world to tow in surf, and finally, to the ominous conditions at Maverick's in Northern California.

The Filmmakers, along with film star, Sarah Gerhardt, will be in attendance. There will be a question and answer session following the film. Proceeds to benefit Save the Waves Coalition.

Source: Save The Waves Coalition