Fernando Aguerre: living la vida loca

The International Surfing Association (ISA), the World Governing Authority of Surfing, announced today that it will debut a new trophy for the World Surfing Games.

The trophy will be on display during the ASR Trade Show at the San Diego Convention Center from the 13th to the 15th of August.

Regarding the new trophy, ISA Director General Bob Mignogna said, "From 1964-1972 the ISA (then called ISF) awarded The Eduardo Arena Trophy to the Gold Medal National Team in honor of the ISF founder and president from Peru. Since 1978, the ISA has presented The Basil Lomberg World Team Trophy to the Gold Medal National Team, named after the ISA president who hailed from South Africa. After 32 years, The Basil Lomberg Trophy will be retired."

Today, the ISA is proud to announce the introduction of The Fernando Aguerre ISA World Team Trophy, which will be awarded to the World Champion and Gold Medal winning National Team at the 2010 Billabong ISA World Surfing Games to be held in Punta Hermosa, Peru this coming October.

"The ISA is proud of all that has been accomplished during President Aguerre's 16 year tenure, and it is only fitting to name this prestigious annual award in his honor," added Mignogna.

The trophy was designed by renowned surf artist, Phil Roberts, and is made of marble, steel and bronze. It represents the ISA and President Aguerre's ideals about the peaceful worldwide union of nations through surfing. The trophy was generously donated by Aguerre.

ASR attendees are welcome to visit the ISA exhibit in the Foundation Lounge on the main floor of ASR Access at the San Diego Convention Center during the ASR Trade Show.

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