The Qiantang tidal bore: 30 miles of brown water

Jamie Sterling, Mikala Jones, Robert Wingnut Weaver and Mary Osborne have successfully surfed the Qiantang tidal bore, in China.

The group of surfers got the permission of the Chinese government to ride down the river, from the Hangzhou Bay almost 30 miles past the city of Hangzhou.

This bore is known as the "Silver Dragon" and only happens twice a year. The Chinese consider it very dangerous, but it was fun and safe for this crew of Western surfers.

Mary Osborne is the first woman ever to have surfed the Qiantang tidal bore and Wingnut is the first headstand surfer of the "Silver Dragon".

Watch how they rode the wave. Discover the river waves and tidal bores of the world.

Get ready to watch a surf film that finally features surfers riding waves. Thank you for focusing on what really matters, "Blue Intensity."

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