Mark Healey: go for it, dude | Photo: Fred Pompermayer

The heat is on and the waves are huge. High surf has been hitting the Northern Hemisphere and the entries for the 2011 Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards are picking up.

The rides come from everywhere. Mavericks, Tasmania, Nelscott Reef, Chile, Mexico, Cloudbreak, Fiji and Peru are some of the spots where big wave surfing has been identified.

The quality of the photos and videos is simply great. Mike Brennan, James Hollmer-Cross, Shaun Wallbank, Dave Scard, Shaun Lopez, Laurie Towner, Kohl Christensen, Mark Healey, Rodrigo Koxa, Al Mennie and Jeremy Johnson are some of the early standout surfers.

The Monster Paddle Award will be under the spotlight in a year where nobody seems to be worried to paddle in giant walls of water. Sometimes, it's too late for the take off. No worries, the wipeout award will suit you well, too.

The 2011 Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards will be running until the end of March. Stay tuned for the latest crazy entries.

Nazaré probably is the most powerful beach break. The Portuguese big wave surfing spot is as exciting as it will test your limits - as a surfer and as a human being.

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