Tiago Pires: with Quiksilver until 40

The Portuguese surfer Tiago Pires, 30, has signed a 10-year contract with surf sponsor Quiksilver. The European WCT talent is making the fourth season in the highest division of world surfing and is the best ever surfer in the history of his country.

" I am really grateful for the opportunity and stoked to be a part of this project. It’s going to be an exciting year! Thanks everyone for their support and happy surfing", said Pires.

The 'Tiger' is a national hero and a well-known sportsman in is local town Ericeira. Tiago Pires is rejoining Quiksilver, the brand that has sponsored him when he was a grommet.

"Joining the team that supports Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds and Jeremy Flores will give Tiago extra motivation. His personality and style are a perfect match for the team and he’ll bring huge positive energy. Tiago is the best Portuguese surfer of all time", said Miky Picon, Quiksilver Europe’s Product and Marketing Manager.

'Saca' has made the cut in the new format designed for the 2011 ASP World Tour and he will be carrying the traditional green and red flags, throughout the beaches of the pro surfing circuit.

Tiago Pires was born on 13th March 1980, in Lisbon, Portugal. His favorite waves are Coxos, Cave and Safi. In 2010, he place 21st in the WCT. His dream is to conquer the ASP World Championship. Go for it, 'Saca'!

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